The long hard trek to getting good work made. And why it's time to feed back on 'feedback'

Each step along the long, long hard journey to getting work out into the world is an opportunity to exercise our innate negativity bias and focus on what’s not working; to fall victim to group think; to feedback simply in order to have one’s voice and participation made felt; to add and complicate; to shave the edges off; to second-guess how people in the real world will (or will not) respond; to second-guess how other people in the organisation will (or will not) respond; to lose sight of the original intent and objective; and ultimately, to lose conviction and run out of fucks to give. When great work has to navigate this many steps, running the gamut of feedback at each any every one of them, we need better process, and better conversation. 

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Strategy needs good words

At the end of the day, strategy is the art of getting other people to do something.

In the pursuit of that, narrative (call it ‘storytelling’ if you really must) is the strategist’s tool.

Strategy is narrative.

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