A Peek Inside The Mind Of...

David Rutter


Executive Producer, FIFA

David Rutter joined EA in October 2007, as producer of FIFA on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and has been responsible for the strategic and creative direction of the game since FIFA 08. Localized into 18 languages and available in 51 countries, EA SPORTS FIFA franchise is the most popular sports videogame in the world. Under Rutter’s direction the FIFA franchise has received critical acclaim, earning over 200 international game quality awards the past four years, including Sports Game of the Year by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) in North America.

Working out of the largest EA studio at EA Canada in Burnaby, BC, Rutter leads a global team comprised of individuals from 18 different countries, who speak 20 different languages, all united by a passion for soccer/football/futbol.

A native of Stevenage, UK, who now calls Vancouver home, Rutter has produced 21 videogame titles during his career – of which only 2 were non soccer/football/futbol simulations.  A life-long soccer/football/futbol fan, Rutter supports Leicester City and more recently, Hitchin Town. 

1.What do you do?

I'm the Executive Producer for the EA SPORTS FIFA Videogame. 

2.What gives you the greatest satisfaction in your occupation?

Giving everything to create a brilliant experience that millions play every day.

3.What’s the secret of your success?

Loving what I do.

4.Which historical figure would you most like to have shaken hands with?

Jesus. On what would become Easter Sunday. Just to know, you know.

5.Which living person do you most admire?

My kids. Uninhibited joy and awe for everything. Pure.

6.What brand can you not live without?

Airwaves Chewing gum. The blue ones. 

7.What has been your biggest failure?

Not doing it all earlier.

8.Who or what inspires you?


9.What is it that you most dislike?

Double standards. Blue cheese.

10.What do you consider your greatest achievement?

That I'm not burnt out.

11.How must marketing change?

Know the individual consumers – not just broad demographics.

12.What work are you most jealous of?

Envious of? - as in I wish it was mine? The founders. Space Invaders. Pac Man. Defender. Gauntlet. Etc. EARTHWORM JIM. EARTHWORM JIM!!!

13.What are you optimistic about?

FIFA 13 =)

14.What difference do you want to make?

The perfect game every time you play.

15.Who is your favorite hero from fiction?

Han Solo.

16.Where is there room for improvement?

Everywhere. Literally Everywhere.

17.What fascinates you?

Everything. I am easily obsessed. Specifically at the moment – diet and nutrition.

18.What’s your most hard-won piece of wisdom?

Shut your windows and lock your doors when you leave your house in the morning. You're less likely to get burgled. And don't build tech and features at the same time.

19.What’s the most exciting piece of culture you’ve come across recently?

Stitch and Bitch session. More time to catch up on the footy.

20.What are you reading?

QI Book Of General Ignorance.

21.What keeps you up at night?

My Dog. She's very old.

22.What does the future look like?

Impatient. Or immediate. Depending if you're the one providing, or receiving.

23.What part of the internet can you not live without?


24.What is your motto?

Do as you would be done by.

25.What do you most want?

A holiday…Home…In Whistler =)