So you think you work in Adland?



“You adapt yourself to the contents of the paintbox.”

Paul Klee

95% of all that’s awful about the output of our industry stems I'd argue, from the fact that it operates as 'Adland'.

For to operate in the tiny world of 'Adland' is to live and work in splendid isolation from all that surrounds us.

To see 'consumers' not people.

To worry more about the accolade of one's peers than people in the real world.

To be out of step with culture, both fast and slow.

To create work according to ‘rules’ that have no foundation other than corporate solipsism.

To breathe in an environment filled with the exhaust fumes of our own rhetoric.

To find inspiration only in the output of 'Adland'.

And to to judge our work against other advertising, rather than all other things that interest and excite people.

If you live in 'Adland' and have any aspiration to contribute to the 5% that is not utterly awful, there is only one option.