Want to work for Wieden+Kennedy in Tokyo on Nike?

Here’s what they're looking for:

  • Someone who has spent their career (4+ years) working in a strong advertising market (e.g. London, NY, Amsterdam etc)
  • Strong creative instincts, and the ability to work comfortably on creative briefs, brand books, as well as research
  • Curiosity and flexibility
  • Ideally has lived or traveled extensively outside their home culture
  • Ideally a strong interest in sport and street culture
  • Interested in moving to Japan for at least 2 years

Here’s why it’s an incredible career opportunity for a mid-level planner

  • Japan is an amazing place to learn.
  • Planning on Nike in Japan is an opportunity to see your work translated into some innovative creative ideas.
  • The person’s prior experience will ensure they’ll be credible and appreciated here by their colleagues and clients.
  • 2020 Olympics will be in Tokyo. Getting some Japan experience (including working on Nike Japan) will be an asset to the person in a few years time.
  • It’s rare to have a job opportunity to work as a planner in Japan without any Japanese language requirement.
  • The person would work alongside a great mid-level Japanese planner who speaks good English and can help the person get to grips with planning in Japan.

Applicants should email Ronny Gallegos ronny.gallegos@wk.com