The possibility of resistance

Whenever we get swept up in the self-reinforcing momentum and seductive logic of some new technology, we forget to ask what else it might be doing, how else it might be working, and who ultimately benefits from its appearance... Perhaps we could do a better job of pushing back against the rhetoric of transcendence we're offered. Every time we are presented with the aspiration towards the posthuman, we need to perceive the predictably tawdry and all-too-human drives underlying it, including the desire to profit from the exploitation of others and the sheer will to power and control. It doesn't take a trained psychologist to detect that these motives are present, and being clearer about them might give us at least a momentary leverage over those pushing so hard for our own eclipse, who in doing so have consecrated their considerable gifts to the task of achieving the smallest, shallowest and most shaming of dreams."

Adam Greenfield, Radical Technologies