Because it was time for a 'side-hustle'



We had a pointy point of view.

We'd talked about it for long enough.

We needed a hobby.

And we were lucky enough to have supportive and enlightened employers* who were happy to see two grumpy bastards pursue their passion. 

So we thought we’d actually do something, rather than just complain about it.

Because there’s enough by-the-numbers training available to strategists of all hues and backgrounds. But there’s not enough that’s dedicated to supporting and developing truly dangerous minds. Not enough that questions our inherited status quo. Not enough that’s properly fit for the twenty-first century. Not enough that’s actually dedicated to effecting change in the world. Not enough that gets us to better ideas and better solutions. And not nearly enough outside of planning’s historic geographic enclaves.

So here it is.

Our very own 'school of strategic arts'.

Despite the portentous name we've given our little side-hustle, we're going to start modestly. We've still got day jobs, after all.

We’ll be announcing details of our first bootcamp in due course. In the meantime if you want to sign up and get updates, here’s our little place on the internet.

And if you want to talk about your organisation’s training needs (whether you’re on the agency or client side) drop us a note at

It almost goes without saying that I’m massively chuffed to be doing this with one of the loveliest and most fearless shit-stirrers on the planet.

* My personal thanks to Neil, Blake, Mark and Eric for saying "hell yeah".